We still will remain open until Feb 22nd to sell anything we may still have available. Please note orders will ship within 5-7 business days.

April Premium Box


April boxes will be our Mother’s Day themed box. & we are offering a Premium box ($75). In previous months we’ve limited the amount of premium options & sell out very quickly, so we wanted to do something a little different.

Since we are still a bit out to start selling the April box, we are going to take $25 deposits on the Premium box. That way we don’t sell out too early & meet our customers demand. Last day to put down a deposit will be Feb. 26th. After that we will only make available 5-10 extra premium boxes once it officially goes on sale.

The deposit will not be done via the website, but instead sent via PayPal invoices! If interested please either email us at contact@resinandmoreboxes.com or DM us with the following information-

Full name (name you’d use in placing an order with us)
Email address

We don’t know the exact items we’re putting in the box as of yet, but for those who have bought a box from us previously know our premium is well worth it!

PS- this will be our last premium box until October!