We still will remain open until Feb 22nd to sell anything we may still have available. Please note orders will ship within 5-7 business days.

Resin & More Announcement

For those who missed our live & missed our announcement…
We want to thank everyone for their support for the last 22+ months, however, we have decided to stop doing subscription boxes for the unforeseeable future.
Sales have hit all-time lows & it’s just not worth it at the moment. We have decided to possible do some grab bags which will be at a more affordable price. We definitely won’t be carrying resin any longer in our bags but will do molds, glitter, & other goodies.
We will continue to sell resin supplies on our website & will keep inventory on hand along with creating a buy-in group on FB where we will purchase things from our suppliers & you can come in with us with a preorder & the item will be at a discounted rate. Feel free to join our group- facebook.com/groups/resinmorebuyin
Our mold-making box will be the last box we will have go out at the moment & we have now made it available to everyone. You do not need to be a current customer. 
We want to thank everyone for all your support & for taking this subscription box journey with me. Prices have just soared & I couldn’t raise prices anymore & I know the economy is impacting many people as this is NOT an essential purchase, so thought we would take a break.
Thank you all again! Just remember, stick with us- we’re not going anywhere! Our website is still up & running & we will stay as a resin supply store. Please let us know if there is anything you want to see in our store & we’ll work on it!