We still will remain open until Feb 22nd to sell anything we may still have available. Please note orders will ship within 5-7 business days.

Collection: Buy-In's

This category/ collection is ONLY available to our buy-in members. 

Please refer back to the group for deadline dates for certain items. Please note that some items may have an MOQ to purchase. 

📢Please Note the Following before making a purchase:

  • We have 2 MOQs (Minimum Order Quantity) we need to meet: Our MOQ & Your MOQ. Our MOQ is the groups total/ Yours is the minimum amount I am asking you to commit to.
  • Each listing will state 4 things in the description: Our MOQ, Your MOQ, the ETA of when we will receive the items & when the buy-in date ends.
  • Many of the items will be shipped via sea freight so we get the BEST price possible, therefore you'll notice the long TAT (turn around time). If I am able to get it sooner, I will do my best to arrange the fastest shipping.
  • We ask that you DO NOT use any coupons or redeem resin bucks for any buy-in orders. If we see a discounted order come in, we will cancel it & refund minus an admin fee to cover any out of pocket fees we lose.
  • If we by any chance don't get enough orders for a certain item, it's going to suck, but we'll be forced to cancel that item, & we will do full refunds.
  • When placing a Buy-in order, please DO NOT order any items from the main website. Those items will NOT ship in a timely manner.
  • If you are (or know of anyone who's) a resin seller or looking into becoming one & wanting to purchase larger amounts of any of the items we have available we will be offering bulk discounts. The discounts aren't very much, b/c our margins are are extremely tight so we can pass the savings onto you from the get-go.
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