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Epoxy Salt Scrub- BOX ADD ON ONLY

Epoxy Salt Scrub- BOX ADD ON ONLY

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This listing is for -BOX ADD ON ONLY!! **If we don't find a box under your name, this scrub will not ship. If you'd like to buy a scrub a la carte- please go back to the other listing.


Salt scrubs made with natural ingredients.

Great to use & help remove sticky resin off your hands, arms & skin, while exfoliating your skin at the same time.

These have been tested with resin users & found to be a great alternative to baby wipes. As a resin user- you shouldn't be using any type of alcohol, vinegar or chemical to remove resin from your skin.

We promise, you'll love these & the amazing scents. 

We currently send out samples in our boxes to our new customers & then again, every few months to all customers. If you have run out & need more- we offer a 2 oz jar of a variety of scents. 

**Please see ingredients for any allergens. Please note, any scrub oils can be substituted for another oil. Please send us a msg, so we can confirm the oil is in stock.

Not all scrubs are the same in regard to ingredients but they will ALWAYS have- Sea Salt, Vitamin E, Essential Oil, Fragrance & mica for coloring.

**Please confirm you are purchasing the CORRECT scrub, if you purchase the incorrect scrub & do not pay for shipping, we will cancel your order & charge a 4% restocking fee. Scrubs (shipping separately) is for orders placed WITHOUT a box purchase but made with any other items within our store.