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Past Boxes of 2021

Want to see who we have featured in our past boxes??  Here is the list of our featured suppliers for each past month. Click the company name to visit their page and see all the great products they offer for resin artists!

Boxes of 2021

January Box

Mica- Counter Culture DIY
Alcohol Ink- Let's Resin
Transparent Color- Let's Resin
Pearl Pigment- Let's Resin

February Box


Glitter- Pretty Little Glitter Company
Mica- Let's Resin

 March Box

Resin- KS Resin
Alcohol Ink- Woode's Goodies
Mica- Fun Shine Color Shop

April Box

Resin- Counter Culture DIY
Glitter- Sugar & Spice Glitter
Mica- Pearl Pleasures
Scrubs- G Scrubs

May Box

Resin- Upstart Epoxy
Glitter- This & That
Mica & Pigment- Let's Resin

June Box

Glitter- Love All Bling
Alcohol Ink- Brea Reese

July Box

Resin- MAS
Mica- KC Beauties
In-house Glitter- Resin & More

August Box

Resin- Counter Culture DIY
Mica- Eye Candy
Glitter- Pretty Little Glitter Company
Waterslide Paper- Hayes Paper Co.

September Box

Glitter- Paradise Glitter

October Box

Resin- Puduo
Alcohol Ink- T-Rex
Glitter- Glitter Delight

November Box

Resin- The Epoxy Resin Store
Mica- Charis Mwah
Glitter- Glitter Gitters

December Box

Resin- Counter Culture DIY
Glitter- Resin & More


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